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View our interpersonal/soft skills training library. Our training methodology focuses on translating theory into practice. Make us your training partner and tailor your leadership, management and employee development to your unique organisational needs.

Interpersonal/Soft Skills Collection

Human Resources Training Collection  

1. Anger Management

Understanding anger

2. Change Management

How to deal with change

3. Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

4.Conflict Resolution

Getting along in the workplace

5. Customer Service

Managing customer service

6. Hiring Smart

Behavioural interviewing techniques 

7. Orientation

Getting employees to a good start

8. Performance Management

Managing employee performance

9. Problem Solving and Decision Making

10. Stress Management

11. Teamwork Building better team

Supervisors/Managers Training Collection

1. Budgets and Managing Money

2. Business Leadership

3. Becoming management material

4. Coaching: A leadership skill 

5. Delegation: The art of delegating effectively

6. Human Resources Training

HR for the non-HR manager

7. Inventory Management The nuts and bolts

8 .Marketing and Sales

9. Meeting Management: The art of making meetings work

10. Motivation Training Motivating your workforce

11. Negotiating for Results

12. Project management Training

Understanding project management

13. Supervisor Training The ABC's of supervision

14. Team building

Developing high performance teams

15. The Professional Supervisor

Career Development Training Collection:

1. Advanced Writing Skills

2. Build your Self Esteem and Assertiveness  

3. Business Etiquette

Gaining that extra edge

4. Business Writing that Works

5. Communication Strategies

6. Conflict Resolution

Dealing with difficult people

7. Customer Service Training

Critical elements of customer service

8.Public Speaking

Presentation survival school

9. Public Speaking

Speaking under pressure

10. Speak Easy Conquering your fear of public speaking

11. Time management

Get organised for peak performance

12. Writing reports and Proposals


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