develop emotionally reflexive leadership


Emotional intelligence workshops are valuable because they provide understanding about emotional intelligence as a concept. However, these workshops focus on theory and consequently do not result in emotionally and culturally intelligent leadership or management. Emotional and cultural intelligence in leadership requires emotional reflexivity as a prerequisite (Ramsey, 2017). This means that emotional reflexivity develops emotional and cultural intelligence. Our ER-Leadership Coaching Programme facilitates the development of leader emotional/cultural intelligence through a journey of emotional reflexivity juxtaposed with real time leadership challenges. This coaching programme is academically researched and was developed by Dr Patty Ramsey.

Dr Patty  has more than twenty years experience in organisational development with degrees in education, psychology and leadership. Her doctoral thesis is entitled, "Understanding the Emotional Reflexivity Process of Leaders." 

In this coaching programme, leaders discover and learn about the significant link between their unique emotional commitments to their subconscious framework and their leadership decisions and actions. In other words, leaders learn what feeds, colours and contours their leadership. The journey begins with coach and leader discovering, appreciating and making meaning of the composition of the leader's personal life path. Throughout the programme, Dr Patty facilitates the leader's conscious engagement in a reflexive life journey intertwined with the daily challenges of leadership. In this way, the journey reveals the numerous social patterns, styles and palettes that define and influence the crafting of the leader's unique beliefs and values and how these influence his/her thoughts and behaviours. The leader develops intelligence about how his/her unique emotional investment in personal values and beliefs relates to his/her leadership decisions and actions. ER-Leadership Coaching focuses on building conscious, behavioural capacity to practice emotional/cultural intelligent leadership. 

The journey towards leader emotional/cultural intelligence in this leadership coaching programme therefore involves a structured, emotionally reflexive, real time facilitated coaching experience in order to:

* Develop understanding of the current leader identity;
* Create insight and understanding about the source of emotional     commitment to the current leader identity;
* Expand the leader identity and
* Develop and embed ER-Leadership techniques that 
* Reflect emotional and cultural intelligence in the leader’s daily decisions     and actions. 


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