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Our interventions have a strong focus on creating conditions for and inspiring, a change in behaviour. Below are only some of the areas we support our clients with. Please let us know your HR needs. Let us partner with you towards change, transformation and organisational effectiveness.



Contact us for professional and expert facilitation of your:

*Strategy development

*Retention strategy development

*Team develoment

*Operational/Action plan development and alignment


*Conflict mediation

* (Herrmann Brain Dominans Inventory) Debriefing

Strategy development and alignment 

Dr Patty Ramsey is an expert facilitator. Her focus is on engagement and interactive discussion to ensure a rigorous process. She is highly trained and skilled in recognising behavioural dynamics.

She has the unique ability of inspiring commitment and excitement around developing and owning the strategy.

In addition, Dr Patty is skilled at working with management to facilitate alignment of the strategy to operational plans. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Teamwork between unions and management

Interacting with unions can be extremely stressful. Dr Patty has developed a teamwork intervention that facilitates focus on the issues rather than on the people.

Her unique skill with behavioural insight and intuition sets a foundation of working together in a non-adversarial manner to meet the needs of both employees and management. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Interpersonal /soft skills development

Behaviour is the cornerstone of work performance. Our soft skills library addresses all areas of the skills and behaviours needed for performance.

Simply choose soft skills in the menu above to view our library. We would love to partner with you to provide training that takes theory to action in the workplace. 

Organisational culture assessment

If you wish to transform your organisational culture, this is the place to start. Surveys are rarely a good indication of the real needs and concerns that impact performance.

Therefore, we apply a stratified, sample based focus group approach that sets up the first step toward culture change - BUY IN. Buy in is critical across the organisation but especially wth respect to the leaders. 

We have had success with this method and want to share it with you. Please select organisational culture in the menu above for more information.

Talent retention assessment

Take the time to determine directly from your employees exactly what they desire and need to remain loyal, committed and engaged.

This valuable information sets the stage for a relevant and targeted approach to your retention strategy development. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Team development is an ongoing necessity to address numerous organisational changes and developments. We tailor team development strategies to meet your unique needs.

Our approach is interactive, experiential, and focused on increasing your areas of strength to change and transform your weaknesses.

Please contact us to discuss your needs

Job profiles and alignment with performance objectives

Let us take you to a destination of clear, specific and relevant job descriptions to give your employees the most fundamental tool they need to perform.

Clear job descriptions set the stage for alignment to the operational plan. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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